Our research spans every area of planning and every part of the world, from housing in Scotland to maritime planning in the Atlantic Ocean to environmental assessment in West Africa. Below is a small example of our research….


Funder: ESRC (ORA7)

Partners: TU Dortmund University (Germany), IGN/Université Gustafe Eiffel (France), IOER (Germany)

What is the impact of the polyrationalities of space, actors and policies on suburban densification? How do diverse strategies of land policy interact with landowners’ and local stakeholders’ interest and agency to shape suburban densification and their impact on suburbia across different planning systems? This European research project answers these questions across Germany, France and the UK.

For more information contact: Dr Sebastian Dembski



Funder: NERC

Partners: University of St Andrews, National Oceanographic Centre, Cranfield University

A new integrated and interdisciplinary system-based framework that will supports the transition from hard ‘grey’ defences to softer ‘green’ solutions in coastal and shoreline management. This project combines for the first time a conceptual representation of the complex coastal socio-ecological system, quantitative valuation of coastal ecosystem services under a changing climate, and the characterisation of how social perceptions and values influence both previous elements. This project considers four case studies in the UK in collaboration with national, regional, and local stakeholders.

For more information contact: Dr Richard Dunning 


Black-led community-led housing

Funders: Nationwide Foundation, Tudor Trust, Community Land Trust Network

Partners: Solutions, Sheffield Hallam University

This project identifies local, regional and national impediments to the development of community-led housing by black and minority ethnic communities. It will produce a set of recommendations for sector representatives, funders and policy communities, with the aim of encouraging growth and transformation of black and minority ethnic-led community-led housing.

For more information contact: Dr Thomas Moore 


Integrated Impact Assessment Support

Advice is provided to the Greater Liverpool Authority on how to conduct the Integrated Impact Assessment of the Greater Liverpool Spatial Development Framework, based on empirical evidence generated in a number of previous research projects by the Environmental Assessment and Management Centre for the Local Government Association, Public Health England, the European Investment Bank, NatureScot and others.
For more information contact: Prof Thomas Fischer

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