Masters Programmes

With our Geography and Environmental Science postgraduate programmes you will develop the skills to address the grand challenges facing society and the planet, including global impacts of climate change and the different ways people respond to economic and social change.

Our Environment and Climate Change (MSc), the first of its kind in the UK, develops your understanding of climate change and the processes which contribute to contemporary environmental problems. Our Environmental Sciences MSc imparts high-level understanding of the physical environment and critically how people and society interact around major environment challenges, for example: pollution, flooding, environmental degradation.

Our Geography Data Science (MSc) develops your skills, including Geographic Information Science (GIS), using how human activities generate of large volumes of data (e.g., retail, marketing, or social media) to address the grand human challenges concerning problems of a geographical nature. Our Researching Crisis and Change in Human Geography (MA) will provide you with the research skills to develop into a future researcher through an ESRC-accredited programme of research training designed around the discipline of human geography.