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Veterinary Science Research

The School of Veterinary Science, based in the Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences, has one of the widest-ranging research programmes in the UK, covering both fundamental and clinical research, and this is currently divided into eight flexible research groups employing over 70 academic staff.

The research groups are integral members of the internationally renowned Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, which is based at the University of Liverpool. This opens up countless opportunities for researchers to pursue novel projects in collaboration with an array of specialist centres.

The school is known for its clinical research (small animal, farm and equine) involving the three first opinion practices and two referral hospitals. Interdisciplinary and cross-species research involves internal collaboration with a number of University research departments and externally with other academic institutions and industrial stakeholders. This research encompasses a wide range of disciplines including one health (epidemiology, antimicrobial resistance, zoonoses, parasitology, vector-borne disease), musculoskeletal research (osteoarthritis and tendinopathy) and mammalian behaviour.

The Veterinary Institutes's external funding is continually growing, with income from research councils, industry and leading charitable foundations, as well as from the growing business and knowledge exchange services.

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