Clinical services

We offer high-quality first opinion and specialist level veterinary care across a range of species including small animals, exotics, horses, farm animal species and camelids. We have state-of-the art-facilities and equipment and have a wealth of clinical expertise led by veterinary teams in our teaching practices and referral hospitals.  Our clinical work is informed by the latest research enabling us to offer the very best evidence-based diagnosis, treatment and care for our veterinary patients and their owners.

Small Animal Clinical Science Dog in the small animal practice

Small animal and exotics hospital and practice

Our referral hospital (Small Animal Teaching Hospital) and first opinion small animal practice (University Veterinary Practice) offer a range of range of clinical services to small animal and exotics species in our modern, high-quality, purpose-built facilities.

Equine hospital and practice Horse undergoing veterinary care

Equine hospital and practice

We deliver high quality equine veterinary care across a variety of emergency and non-emergency cases in our specialist teaching hospital (Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital) and first opinion practice (Leahurst Equine Practice).

Livestock and One Health Vet examing cow

Farm animal veterinary services

Our first opinion and referral farm animal practice provides high quality veterinary care across a range of large animal species including cattle, sheep, pigs and camelids, from first-opinion to specialist-level diagnosis and treatment.

Veterinary Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Microbiology laboratories

Diagnostic services

We have a number of high-quality, specialist veterinary laboratory services offering support to veterinary surgeons in multiple areas including histology, microbiology and post-mortem diagnostic services.

Farms A baby lamb


Our two large working farms offer a valuable teaching resource for veterinary students, veterinary surgeons, farmers, and the general public.

Quality improvement Vet caring for dog

Quality improvement

We undertake regular clinical audits, generation of benchmarking data, use of patient safety checklists and other quality improvement activities to help achieve the best outcomes for our veterinary patients.