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Undergraduate research opportunities

Research is an important part of our undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. Our training equips our students with the skills to be able to critically appraise the scientific literature and utilise this as part of evidence-based veterinary medicine throughout your veterinary career.

This includes conducting a literature review (2nd year) and a small research project or clinical audit (3rd year) together with formal training on research methods such as study design and statistics.

There are many excellent opportunities for our undergraduate students who have an interest in research to work with researchers within the University.

Summer research projects

You can apply for funding to conduct a 6-8 week research project during your summer break.

There are several funding sources but if you are interested, contact an academic member of staff working in your area of interest and to Professor Gina Pinchbeck as early as possible so that plans can be put in place well ahead of time.

To find out more contact Professor Gina Pinchbeck

INSPIRE programme

The School of Veterinary Science has been awarded a further 2 years funding (2020-2022) to engage veterinary undergraduates in research. Additionally, the University of Liverpool Medical and Dental Schools also have similiar awards.

We will be funding a number of initiatives including:

  • Research Summer School
  • Mentoring Network and Training
  • Research Career Talks
  • INSPIRE Taster Studentships (1-3 weeks) 
  • Public Engagement Activities and Training 
  • Writing Workshop 
  • National Veterinary Research Conference 
  • Insider Imprint; student journal 

Additional activities in collaboration with the Medical/Dental Schools:

  • University of Liverpool Student Research Conference
  • Research Training Opportunities 

To find out more please visit our INSPIRE pages or contact

Student Lead - Matthew Fitzgerald

Academic Lead - Professor Mandy Peffers

Intercalated degree

Intercalating is a fantastic opportunity to take a year out from the veterinary course to study another related subject/discipline in greater depth, try out research, and gain another Bachelors or Masters degree in a year.

Find out more about Intercalation opportunities.


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