students at one of the working farms at the Leahurst campus

Welcome to Leahurst Campus

Located in the heart of rural Cheshire, 12 miles south of Liverpool, the Veterinary School's Leahurst Campus employs over 350 staff, including over 100 veterinary surgeons and teaches veterinary students in all years of their studies, but especially those in their fourth and fifth years. The site is home to two farms, two referral hospitals, and two of the Institute's three first-opinion practices (the first-opinion practice for small animals is located in the city of Liverpool itself).

In addition, the Leahurst main building includes a student common room, a lecture theatre, a clinical skills laboratory, two data centres, and two post mortem rooms, as well as research and diagnostic laboratories. Each hospital has dedicated teaching spaces for small group seminars, and rooms in which to present ‘rounds’ every day. There is an equine museum which houses various models and specimens of clinical interest as well as diagnostic-image viewing suites where students can examine x-rays, MRI and CT scans.

Uniquely for a veterinary school, we own two working farms that provide fantastic teaching opportunities for our students, and for the many school children (vets of the future we hope) who come to the visitor centre.

Disease surveillance and public health is supported by the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency centre based at Leahurst. Summer projects are available to those students thinking about a career in research and intercalation is strongly encouraged and supported. Students wishing to explore veterinary research further during their time in Liverpool are able to follow interests in epidemiology, infection biology, disease ecology and evolution with the MSc in Veterinary Science, which lends a uniquely Liverpool experience to these studies.

Leahurst campus is also home to the Mammalian Behaviour & Evolution (MBE) research group (part of the Institute of Integrative Biology), which houses a behavioural isolation unit and small mammal centre; and the National Consortium for Zoonosis Research, providing research and advice on disease outbreaks, as well as hosting conferences and training events. Leahurst House is the location of the CPD unit for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and physiotherapists, along with a refectory for staff, students and clients, a student common room and a bar.

The latest addition to the campus is the Henry Edwards Learning Centre, which opened in May 2013. This houses the farm animal practice, along with a number of seminar rooms and small-group teaching rooms. A microscopy suite and a clinical skills laboratory are also housed within the centre, as well as the campus library. The library is open every day from 7am until midnight and houses text books & journals, two study areas and computer facilities.


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