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Educational research

The Liverpool Veterinary Educational Research Group (LiVERG) was formed in 2016 and provides a forum to discuss and enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning at the School of Veterinary Science.

We aim to support excellence in learning and teaching through the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching innovations. Our research covers a wide range of educational areas relating to veterinary science, with dissemination of results internally and externally.

We develop undergraduate and postgraduate student understanding of the area of educational research by engaging them in various research projects and collaborate widely with other researchers in this area internally and externally.

Our research areas include:

  • Wellbeing and resilience 
  • Student retention and progression 
  • Clinical reasoning and decision-making.

Case studies 

VetEd conference 2022 

Several student projects are being presented to an international audience of veterinary educators, including: 

  • Intrinsic personality traits and their impact on progression in veterinary students
  • Variations in career advice received by veterinary students from different educational backgrounds
  • Development of board games for learning in anatomy by the Liverpool Veterinary Anatomy Society
  • Peer academic mentoring on a veterinary curriculum. 

Current collaborative studies 

We are undertaking a number of current research studies in conjunction with other UK veterinary schools in the following areas:

  • Perfectionism in veterinary and medical students
  • Preparedness for workplace-based learning
  • Neurodiversity in veterinary students
  • Careers in equine practice; Clinical reasoning development
  • Portfolios as an authentic assessment. 

Recent publications and presentations  

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