The Liverpool Veterinary Educational Research Group (LiVERG)

LiVERG is a research group within the Institute of Veterinary Science, newly formed in the academic year 201617 with the intention of formalising and promoting educational research and CPD among the academic staff of this institute.  We have a growing list of enthusiastic members and a significant number of active projects underway.


  • Supporting excellence in learning and teaching by the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching innovations
  • Research into a wide range of educational areas relating to Veterinary Science, with dissemination of results internally and externally
  • Development of student educational research projects
  • Applications for external funding for educational research projects
  • Sharing of relevant educational literature and arrangement of CPD
  • Increase status of pedagogic research within the Institute
  • Collaboration with other departments
  • Establish a final year elective in veterinary education

Main research themes:

  • Wellbeing and resilience
  • Learning skills and engagement
  • Clinical reasoning and decision-making


Members list:

Alison Reid (Chair) Rita Papoula Pereira
Fay Penrose Kieron Salmon
Denis Duret Rosie MacDiarmid
Karen Noble Emma Ormandy
Helen Higgins Zeeshan Durrani
Alex German Amy Coates
Karin Mueller Jo Dukes McEwan
Alan Radford Debbie Archer
Lorenzo Ressel  

Current active projects:

  • Rotation readiness (AR & KN)
  • Creating a clinician (AR, KN, Jo Dukes McEwan and Dan Batchelor)
  • Lecture capture – is more always better? (DD, AR and KN)
  • Stress, perceived stress and anxiety in a cohort of 3rd yr vet students. (AS in collaboration with Occupational Health and Mental Health Advisory Service
  • Perceptions of mental health and wellbeing in 3rd yr vet students (AS in collaboration with Occupational Health and Mental Health Advisory Service)
  • Introducing a mindfulness-based intervention into the vet curriculum (AS)
  • Utilising Web PA for peer review and feedback (AS)
  • 3/d animations and augmented reality - utilising technology to advance anatomy and histology teaching. (AS)
  • Anxiety, stress and depression, a longitudinal study of student well-being in our school (AS)
  • Performance training: Changing the negative culture around mental health and well-being (AS)
  • Collaborative Learning with PeerWise (DD, AS and Rob Christley)   
  • What is the impact of using an E-Portfolio on the value of reflective practice amongst veterinary students – a qualitative study(DD, Margaret Hannigan and AS)
  • Impact of digital histology resource on student learning and engagement (ZD)
  • Comparison of compromise standard setting methods (KS, AR, KN)
  • Drawing for learning (FP)