Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Preclinical Sciences and Clinical Skills Vet Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology


    Personal Statement

    I spent 9 years in first-opinion veterinary practice before moving into teaching on the BVSc in 2013 and finding I loved it even more than being in practice! As a true generalist, I teach a variety of subject areas on the veterinary curriculum, mainly across anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical skills.

    I am passionate about helping students become independent, proactive and curious learners, to build a resilient veterinary profession for the future. As Director of Student Experience, my focus is on supporting the students' journey through vet school to enable them to identify and achieve their goals, and maximising student engagement as active contributors to the course and the profession.

    My teaching approach is highly student-centred, with self-directed and peer-assisted reflective learning a key focus for me. My background in clinical practice enables me to teach fundamental anatomy and physiology in a highly applied and relevant way, using lots of case examples to bring them to life.

    My research interests are around student remediation and progression, mindset development, clinical reasoning and case-based decision-making. I have a number of projects underway in these areas, and am particularly keen to involve undergraduate students in educational research. I supervise a number of undergraduate and postgraduate projects - please email me if you'd like to talk about a project!

    I get the most job satisfaction from supporting students and colleagues to develop and grow their potential. I never get tired of seeing students overcoming challenges and blossoming into people I am proud to call my colleagues.