Head of Department
Raines, Dr MelissaInterim Head of Department0151 795 0656
Academic Staff
Abdalla, Dr DanielLecturer in English Literature0151 795 7703 Ext:7703
Bainbridge, Dr JamesLecturer0151 794 3035 Ext:3035
Baines, Professor PaulProfessor0151 794 2718
Billington, Professor JosieProfessor of English Literature0151 794 2734
Bradley, Dr MatthewSenior Lecturer in English0151 795 2198 Ext:52198
Broadhead, Dr AlexLecturer0151 794 2736 Ext:2736
Chapman, Dr MaryAlan Frederick Price Memorial Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Chapman, Professor SiobhanProfessor0151 794 2349 Ext:42349
Claridge, Dr AlexandraLecturer in English Literature
Cooper, Dr PaulSenior Lecturer in English Language0151 794 3686
Coupe, Dr AlexanderLecturer in Theatre and Drama Studies0151 795 1713 Ext:51713
Davies, Dr Michael0151 794 2738
Duxfield, Dr AndrewLecturer in English Literature (pre-1700)0151 794 9520 Ext:49520
Edwards, Mr AdamLecturer in Games Studies
Ethelston, Dr Graham0151 794 9976 Ext:9976
Everest, Emeritus Prof KelvinProfessor
Ferraro, Dr JulianSenior Lecturer0151 794 2720 Ext:42720
Gao, Dr ShuangSenior Lecturer0151 794 9429
Gonzalez-Diaz, Dr Victorina0151 794 2358
Greenstreet, Dr HannahLecturer in Creative Writing Stage & Screen0151 794 0177 Ext:40177
Guardamagna, Miss CaterinaLecturer in English Language0151 794 2701 Ext:42701
Hanna, Dr NatalieLecturer in English Literature0151 794 2286
Hering, Dr DavidSenior Lecturer in English Literature0151 794 2298
Jones, Dr ChristianReader TESOL and Applied Linguistics0151 794 2724
Kania, Dr UrsulaSenior Lecturer in English Language0151 794 9497
Knowles, Dr KatieSenior Lecturer in English Literature0151 795 9241 Ext:59241
Kourtali, Dr Nektaria EfstathiaLecturer in TESOL & Applied Linguistics.
Lampropoulou, Dr SofiaReader0151 794 2701 Ext:2701
Loh, Dr LucienneSenior Lecturer in English Literature0151 794 2725
Lynall, Professor GregInterim Dean of the School of the Arts0151 794 2693
Magliacane, Dr AnnaritaLecturer in TESOL
Marsden, Dr SimonSenior Lecturer0151 794 2729 Ext:2729
Miskimmin, Dr EsmeSenior Lecturer0151 794 2783 Ext:42783
Moreton, Dr EmmaLecturer in TESOL & Applied Linguistics0151 795 1213 Ext:5
Newton, Mr CliveUniversity Teacher0151 794 6737
Oakey, Dr DavidLecturer TESOL & Applied Linguistics0151 795 7547
O'Connor, Dr DanielColm Toíbín Lecturer in Creative Writing0151 795 1290 Ext:51290
Oliver, Dr SophieSenior Lecturer in Modernism
Parmar, Professor SandeepProfessor of English Literature0151 794 2290 Ext:2290
Peverley, Professor SarahProfessor of English Literature0151 794 2721
Randles, Dr LesleyLecturer in TESOL/Applied Linguistics0151 794 2770
Redmond, Professor JohnProfessor of English Literature0151 794 2706
Rees-Jones, Professor DerynProfessor0151 794 2709
Roberts, Dr JonathanSenior Lecturer0151 794 2716
Rudd, Professor JillProfessor0151 794 2727
Seed, Professor DavidProfessor0151 794 2723
Simms, Dr KarlSenior Lecturer in English0151 794 2719
Simpson, Professor PaulProfessor0151 794 9986 Ext:9986
Slocombe, Dr WillSenior Lecturer0151 795 9247
Solnick, Dr SamuelSenior Lecturer in English Literature0151 795 9253
Honorary Staff
Adamson, Dr CarleneHonorary Research Fellow
Beatty, Mr BernardHonorary Senior Fellow
Burton, Dr AnnaHonorary Research Fellow
Clarke, Mr StephenHonorary Research Fellow
Corcoran, Em P Neil
Das, Prof NandiniHonorary Professor
Duggett, Dr ThomasHonorary Fellow
Gaynor, Dr GraceHonorary Research Fellow
Masuhara, Dr HitomiHonorary Research Fellow
Powell, Dr DianaHonorary Fellow
Powell, Dr StevenHonorary Fellow
Roberts, Dr BethanHonorary Research Fellow
Sawyer, Mr AndrewHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Walsh, Prof MarcusEmeritus Professor
Glave Jr, Mr ThomasHonorary Visiting Professor