Global Literatures

Global Literatures

The Global Literatures research group brings together several intersecting spheres of research interests across a range of literary periods, tied by a focus on literature that responds to geographical contexts beyond Britain as well as theories and interdisciplinary approaches that inform these contexts.

Our emphasis lies in literature that represents historical conditions against settings situated primarily outside Britain. These include the study of American literature from the eighteenth century to the present day; European literature; World literature; postcolonial literature and postmodern American literature.

Our more specific research areas are varied, but include the following:

  • The effects of slavery and empire in contemporary British society and culture
  • Critical whiteness studies and early U.S. fiction,
  • Science fiction writing in America,
  • Under-represented American modernism,
  • The legacies of American postmodernism,
  • Experimental and digital literature. 
  • International Migration in its myriad forms
  • Environmental Humanities, particularly in relation to energy and climate change
  • Global Feminisms, particularly of the modernist period
  • Narratives of the Chinese in Britain.
  • Diaspora poetics
  • Irish poetry

Theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches underpin our research approach and include critical race theory, postmodern theory, postcolonial theory, feminist theory, genre studies, and a strong creative-critical methodology.

Staff within this cluster are involved in the Centre for New and International Writing which supports our research and the very best in contemporary and international literatures. The Centre hosts regular events and readings by world-leading creative writers. Indeed, staff who direct the Centre’s activities are themselves award-winning creative writers.

Members of the Global Literatures research group currently include:

Cluster Lead: Sandeep Parmar

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