About Our Research


The Department of English conducts research in three main areas: literature, language, and creative writing.

We aim to foster and develop strategic partnerships, particularly with local and national cultural organisations, to reach those who can benefit from our research. Impact is achieved in the following core areas:

  • Widening, deepening and challenging public understanding of literature and its cultural contexts, particularly through public service broadcasting, national exhibitions, and live literature events
  • Development of impacts and potential impacts of literature on health, well-being and quality of life, delivered primarily through long-standing links with The Reader Organisation
  • Stimulation of cultural and creative activity and an extension of the reach and possibilities of language and the imagination, through public lectures, workshops, and live literature events
  • Assessing, shaping and changing literary and cultural value - our researchers have acted as judges for international literature prizes, including the Man Booker and National Poetry Competition, and edit award-winning series such as Pavillion Poetry.

Engagement with media has allowed our researchers to be at the forefront of developing a rich cultural agenda at national and international levels, opening access to literature to a diverse audience. This has resulted in four staff members succeeding in the New Generation Thinkers scheme. We also actively support impact in terms of reaching the general reader, through the publication of research in various, high-profile formats.  The impact of such intervention into the nation’s cultural life creates new and evolving long-term contexts for thinking, understanding, writing and imagining.

We have secured considerable research grant funding, particularly from European Research Council, AHRC, the Ministry of Justice, The Leverhulme Trust, the Nuffield Foundation, the National Personality Disorder Programme, the Society of Authors and the Renaissance Society of America.

Academic Visitors

We have been engaging in internationally collaborative research by hosting Visiting Scholars from all over the world.

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