Postgraduate Research Students

Meet our postgraduate research students and capture an insight into their diverse range of interests. 

Johann Battaglini ‘Edition of the Arthurian narrative in selected Peculiar Version English Prose Bruts’ 
Laura Borden 'Social Engagement in the Works of Kurt Vonnegut'
Sally Blackburn 'The mind’s blotting book’: Vernon Lee’s Imperfect Intertextual Response to Late-Victorian Science’
Anna Burton 'Ruins and Old Trees: Silvicultural Landscapes and Gilpin’s ‘Picturesque’ in the Novels of Austen, Trollope and Hardy'
Molly Cobb 'Tension, apprehension, and dissension have begun': Crises of Identity in the Cold War Writings of Alfred Bester, 1950-1960'
Gemma Driver ‘Christina Rossetti and her letters’
Leimar Garcia-Siino ‘The tale is the map which is the territory’: From Fantasy and Metafiction to Metafantasy and Neil Gaiman'
Helen M Isserlis 'Retelling the Stories of King Arthur'
Glyn Morgan 'Representing Unrepresentability: Non-mimetic Fictions of the Holocaust'
Gill Phillips 'Victorian translation and novel as mediators of ideas'
Corrina Readioff ‘Pre-chapter epigraphs from the 18th century onwards’
Ann-Marie Richardson ‘Folded in Each other’s Wings”: An Anthropological Reading of Professional and Sibling Rivalry evident in the works of the Rossetti and Brontë Literary Families’