Rhys Jones

Thesis title: The curious case of Formative Assessment – an exploratory study of EFL teachers’ understanding and use of Formative Assessment in high-stakes English preparatory courses.

Supervisors: Dr Christian Jones (1st) and Miss Caterina Guardamagna (2nd)

Research interest: My main areas of interest revolves around the ideas of Exploratory Practice, Contrastive Phonology and, primarily, Testing and Assessment in EFL/ESL

Conference papers:

v  BALEAP PIM - Assessing the assessors (Birmingham)    

1. The curious case of formative assessment - various ways of optimizing the use of feedback [presentation]

2. Assessing Listening skill without wading through the notes. How/can it be done? [workshop]   February 2019

v  Pedagogical Research conference - Exploratory Practice as a tool to support students' motivation (Liverpool) [presentation] January 2019

v  Inform (Transition into University) – using formative assessment durign high-steaks ESL courses (Birmingham) [presentation]  June 2018                                                               

v  English UK conference, Using Exploratory Practice in Lower Level ESL classes (London) [presentation]                 November 2016                                                                           Learn English in Wales –  My kingdom for…  motivation to read - Low-level EFL learners and the reading skills (Cardiff) [workshop]   October 2016

v  IATEFL – Adapting materials to students' needs (English for Policing) (Athens) [presentation]                  October 2016

v  English UK PIM – Exploratory Practice in action (London) [presentation]                                            June 2016


‘The long road to UK higher education: Using Exploratory Practice as a tool to improve academic language and skills for lower level language learners’; Aug 2017  

publication description Research Notes - Cambridge English Language Assessment - Vol 68 pp. 55-61

‘Teaching reflections on how to be creative in HE My journey through the enchanted waters of creativity’ published in Creative Academic Magazine Vol 7 pp. 89-94

 (http://www.creativeacademic.uk/magazine.html)  February 2017  

Undergraduate dissertation published in Undergraduate Research Journal ‘Diffusion’  Phonological Error Mapping - an English - polish contrastive study. Vol 4(1) pp. 1-14   June 2011