About agents

If you're an international student looking to study with us, an agent could help you with your application. Here, you can find out more about agents and how they can support you with your application.

What is an agent?

An agent is an individual or organisation that assists students on behalf of the universities they work with. They are also known as education agents, recruitment agents, or consultants.

Agents have specialist knowledge to support you through the entire university selection process. From choosing your degree course, and submitting your application, to getting your visas and finding accommodation, an agent can help.

The University of Liverpool makes commission payments to approved agents. This is based on them supporting applicants until they’re registered as students. This commercial relationship means that the University has a very selective recruitment process and cohesive management of agents, based on the quality of the service they offer to applicants.

Agents are there to support you in making an informed decision about your future studies, but the decision on where and what to study is yours. 

How can an agent support you?

If you’re interested in applying to the University, an agent can offer lots of support. Agents can:

  • Counsel you to help you decide if the UK and Liverpool is the best study destination for you
  • Advise on the range of available courses
  • Guide you on the suitability of your qualifications and background (please note that our admissions team makes the final decision on your offer)
  • Guide and assist you throughout the application process, aiding in preparing and submitting necessary documents and details. However, applicants must retain full responsibility for their accounts
  • Liaise with the University on your behalf, provided you’ve permitted the agent to be listed as your approved representative
  • Support you with your visa application, including advising on the documents you need to provide
  • Provide travel advice and guidance before your departure.

Find out more about applying through an agent.

Agent responsibilities

Agents should always be honest and transparent when communicating information about the University to students. They shall not knowingly provide false, incomplete, or misleading information.

  • We expect our representatives to be reliable, honest, and trustworthy providers of advice and guidance to students and in all aspects of their business.
  • Agents will act in the best interests of prospective students at all times, providing accurate information that allows them to make informed decisions.
  • Agents will always respect the choices of the students they work with.
  • Agents cannot make offers of admission on behalf of the University.
  • Agents should not enter into any contract or agreement on behalf of the University.
  • Agents should not defame or inaccurately convey the reputation or interests of any higher education institutions.

Next steps

If you decide that you’d like to enlist an agent to support you in your application to the University of Liverpool, find an agent who works in your country of residence. If you’re an international student already living in the UK, we have a list of suitable agents for you.

Find further support and guidance on choosing the right agent for you from the UK’s Agent Quality Framework.

When you’ve decided, contact your chosen agent and they’ll guide you on how to proceed.

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