This page contains information for students who are having their fees paid in full or in part through a loan, scholarship or sponsorship.


Student Loan Company

If the Student Loan Company are paying your tuition fees to the University in full (either as a tuition fee grant or a tuition fee loan), you do not need to make any payment arrangements.

However, if they are paying only a partial amount then you are responsible for making arrangements to pay the balance.

The Student Loan Company will usually notify the University directly of any full or partial payments that they will be making on behalf of students. Occasionally, this method of notification fails, in which case the University may require the student to supply a copy of their Financial Notification directly to the University. If you are expecting a Student Maintenance Loan or Student Maintenance Grant, it will only be released once you have successfully completed your registration in full.

Postgraduate Loan for Master's Study

If you have successfully applied for a Postgraduate Loan please visit the Making a payment page for information on how to pay your fees.

External sponsorship

If an external organisation is responsible for payment of all or part of your tuition fee, the University will invoice them directly. You must provide the Student Fees Office with a sponsor letter or purchase order (on official letter headed paper) from your sponsor on or before you register. A new letter relating to each academic year must be provided prior to the start of that year.

Please email proof of sponsorship to This must show the value and duration of the sponsorship, together with the name and address of where the University should send the invoice. If you do not provide this letter, the University will consider you to be self-financing and shall expect you to pay your own fees, using one of the self-financing options.

As a sponsored student, you are responsible for making sure that your tuition fees are paid. Should your sponsor fail to pay your tuition fees (in line with our terms of trade), the invoice will be cancelled and the debt transferred to your fee account for you to pay directly to the University.

If your sponsor has not paid your tuition fees you will not be permitted to graduate or receive any awards from the University.


If you have a scholarship from your University department for all or part of your tuition fee, please send the information to

If your sponsorship does not cover your full tuition fees, it is your responsibility to make the arrangements for settling the balance.

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