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Here you can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

I need to repeat a failed module. How will this impact my tuition fee?

When a student repeats a year of study, the tuition fee charged depends on whether you are repeating with or without attendance.

If you are repeating without attendance, you will be charged a registration fee which will be £300 for the 2023/24 academic year. This can increase each academic year in line with inflation.

Please note, for 'Home' students, this mode of repetition means you would not be entitled to any funding support from Student Finance.

If you are repeating with attendance, you will be charged per 15 credit module. This amount will differ dependant upon your full programme fee. You can email to obtain further details on this.

Please note, for 'Home' students, provided you have not repeated before or attended another University, you may be entitled to a 'Gift year' of funding through Student Finance if you repeat with attendance. You should contact Student Finance directly to see if you are eligible for this funding (0300 100 0607).

You will need to discuss details of your repetition with your Student Support Office. They can provide you with the relevant forms to complete and discuss in depth which options/modes of repetition are best for you.

How do I know how much my fees are going to be?

The cost of your tuition fees will depend upon the course you are undertaking and your fee classification. For further details please see either your offer letter or the Student Fee Table.

When will I receive my tuition fee invoice?

An invoice will be emailed to you via your University e-mail address in October/November or the start of your course, whichever is later.

However, you should not wait for an invoice in order to arrange payment of your tuition fees.

Do I need to pay my tuition fees before I start my course?

Yes, if you have not taken out a tuition fee loan or are not fully funded by another organisation. Please see the tuition fee payment page for further details.

How do I get a receipt for my payment?

If you have paid via the online payment system, a receipt will automatically be e-mailed to the e-mail address supplied when the payment was made.

If you have paid via CIBC International Student Pay, CIBC will provide confirmation of payment.

If these are not sufficient, please request a receipt at

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay both your tuition and accommodation fees by instalments.

For tuition, instalment options are dependent upon your level of study and fee status classification.

For accommodation, you must set up an instalment plan through the link above if you wish to pay by instalments.

My card/account details have changed, how do I update my accommodation payment plan?

Please re-visit the online payment system and submit the plan again through the Accommodation Fees tab with your new details. The system can only load one payment plan, therefore the original one will be automatically void.

I am sponsored by the NHS- what do I need to do?

Students will no longer receive a hard copy of their NOA from the NHS. We therefore request that you provide a screenshot of your account, either via the App or live on the internet. This screenshot should ensure it shows your BRN number, your full name, and that your funding has been approved for academic year 2023/24. Please send this to

Upon receipt of the screenshot, your account will be updated to ensure your tuition fee invoice will be sent to the NHS and not sent to you for payment.

When I set up my accommodation payment plan, the amount field is 0.00, is this correct?

Yes, the payment plan system allows you to sign a blank mandate- you will receive a payment plan schedule confirming the remaining instalment collection dates and amounts before the following instalment collection.

Suspending or withdrawing from your studies will affect your fees

Fees charged to registered students will be calculated based upon the date the University is formally informed of any change in registration. Students should therefore follow the University’s formal procedures for withdrawal or suspension outlined here. Further information can be found at: Suspending or withdrawing from your studies will affect your fees 2023.

If you are receiving maintenance payments from Student Finance, you will be contacted by Student Finance to request the return of any overpayment of your maintenance loan in line with the liability points of your withdrawal date. You are strongly advised to discuss this in detail with our Money Advice and Guidance Team at before finalising your decision to withdraw.

When and how will I hear if I am eligible for the Liverpool Bursary?​

You should hear officially in writing to the address registered with Student Finance by the end of October. If you have not heard by that time, please contact the Bursary Team via

I need to extend/re-submit my dissertation – will I be charged for this?

If you are simply just extending the dissertation deadline, then you will be charged a submission pending fee for the duration you have extended. The charge for this is £87.50 per quarter and up to £350.00 for the full 12 months for the 2023/24 academic year. This is subject to increase each academic year.

If you have previously submitted your dissertation and are wishing to re-submit then there is a separate fee for re-submitting. This fee would be charged in addition to the submission pending fee mentioned above.

For the Liverpool Bursary, I chose Tuition Fee Waiver, or I chose the Cash option in error, how do I rectify this?​

That is not a problem, simply go to our Service Now portal, click request forms then 'ask for help' and then advise the Bursary Team which option you would prefer, and they will update your account accordingly.​

When are the Liverpool Bursary payment dates?

For academic session 23/24, please see Liverpool Bursary instalment dates and % of payment below:

  • 1st 24th November 2023 - 25%
  • 2nd 9th February 2024 - 25%
  • 3rd 10th May 2024 - 50%
My school are funding my fees, why have I been invoiced?

Please ask your school to email us directly at, providing written confirmation of this funding.

I'm sponsored, why have I been invoiced?

If an external organisation (ie not a friend/relative) is responsible for payment of all or part of your tuition fee, the University will invoice them directly. You must provide the Student Fees Office with an official sponsor letter or purchase order (on official letter headed paper) from your sponsor on or before you register. A new letter relating to each academic year must be provided prior to the start of that year.

Please email proof of sponsorship to

Proof of sponsorship must show the value and duration (eg one year, three years) of the sponsorship together with the name and address of where the University should send the invoice. The University will keep this letter for its records. If you do not provide this letter, the University will consider you to be self-financing and shall expect you to pay your own fees, using one of the self-financing options.

As a sponsored student, you are responsible for making sure that your tuition fees are paid. Should your sponsor fail to pay your tuition fees (in line with our terms of trade), the invoice will be cancelled and the debt transferred to your fee account for you to pay directly to the University.

I’m repeating without attendance; will I still receive my loan?

No. If you are registered as repeating without attendance you will not be eligible to receive any support from the SLC for the duration of the academic year.

I am an overseas UG/PGT, how do I calculate my first tuition instalment of 60%?

When making payment for your first instalment, you should first calculate your overall ‘Fee Liability’.

Total Fee charged minus Scholarships/Awards = Fee Liability

Fee Liability @ 60% = First payment, due by the start of the academic session.

Please ensure that you deduct any payments that have already been made, such as a fee deposit, after you have calculated your 60% due.

I am living in private accommodation and my rent is due before my Maintenance Loan is expected to be paid. What do I do?

Students can contact MAG ( who can provide a letter for the landlord to confirm this.

I am receiving a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan from Student Finance England/Wales for my PhD. How do I pay my fees?

Once you receive your invoice from us, please reply with a copy of your notification of entitlement letter from the SLC which shows the payment schedule of your loan. Our team can then arrange a payment plan with you.

My Student Finance was approved for another University before I accepted my offer with Liverpool. How do I transfer my funding to you?

Please email us at with your Student ID Number and Student Support Number for Student Finance – this is found on your notification of entitlement letter on the page where your payment schedule is found. It usually starts with 4 letters e.g SDFU/SFWU/NEST… We will submit a request for your application to be transferred to our University.

What is CIBC International Student Pay?

Why does the University use CIBC International StudentPay?

We have partnered with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) so that you can pay your tuition fees and accommodation costs via an easy-to-use, secure online portal. Using International StudentPay means you can make payments in your preferred currency and via a range of different payment methods. Plus you will have access to preferred foreign exchange rates and you will receive ongoing status updates until your payment is complete.

What kinds of fees can I pay using the portal?

You can use CIBC International StudentPay for all services billed by the University, including deposits, tuition fee payments and accommodation costs.

Can someone else pay for me?

Yes, you can designate someone else to pay for you via the portal, such as a parent or other family member. For more information, email:

Who can I contact if I have questions about making a payment?

If you have questions about billed items and costs, please contact [check named contact or generic UoL email].

If you have any queries about making a payment, please contact CIBC International Student Pay by emailing:

How can I find out the amount I owe in my local currency?

Once you have selected your country from the drop-down list in the portal and added the amount you want to pay in British pound sterling (GBP), the quote will display the amount due in your local currency.

Can I pay in any other currency other than my home currency?

Yes, though we recommend making payments in your home currency due to the preferred foreign exchange rates that CIBC offers. You do have the option of making payments in GBP, USD and CAD along with other major currencies.

What should I do if my local currency is not available?

CIBC offers access to over 120 different currencies. If your currency is not available, you will be able to complete your transactions via a major currency, such as GBP, EUR, USD and a range of others.

Do I need to include my University of Liverpool student ID number when I make a payment?

You will need to include your University of Liverpool student ID number for every transaction made via the portal. This will ensure that your payment is easily identified and quickly posted to your student account.

Will my bank allow me to make a payment to CIBC International StudentPay?

The University of Liverpool has authorised CIBC International Student Pay to receive payments on its behalf and CIBC is able to receive payments from any international bank. If you have any queries about making a payment, please contact CIBC International Student Pay by emailing:

How long does it usually take for payments to be deposited in the University’s account?

On average, payments made via the portal will be deposited in the University’s bank account within two to five working days. If a transaction takes longer than this, please email:

How will I know the University has received my payment?

Once your payment has been received by CIBC International Student Pay, they will forward the GBP amount to the University. You will then receive an email notification from CIBC advising you that your funds have been received and is now being processed by University of Liverpool.

How long will the exchange rate be fixed for different payment transactions?

Foreign exchange rates are continuously changing. To protect you from this volatility, the exchange rate will be fixed for 72 hours once you begin the CIBC payment process for bank wires (not including weekends and Canadian holidays).

Why do I have to make a payment within 72 hours?

Foreign exchange rates are continuously changing. To protect you from this volatility, the exchange rate for each CIBC transaction will be fixed for 72 hours once you begin the payment process for bank wires (not including weekends and Canadian holidays). In order to retain this exchange rate you need to complete the bank wire within fixed time period otherwise your transaction may be subject to a different exchange rate.

How will I know when my funds are received?

You will receive an email notification from CIBC advising you that your funds have been received and processed.

What should I do if information was missed by the local bank when transferring the funds. What do I do?

Please contact CIBC immediately at and provide the following information:

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Transaction Reference Number
  • Date of Transaction
  • Amount.

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