Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do I need to hand in my Student Loan Company notification letter?

The University of Liverpool does not require this letter, your information will be electronically received from the Student Loan Company by the University.

How do I know how much my fees are going to be?

The cost of your tuition fees will depend upon the course you are undertaking and your fee classification. 

For further details please see either your offer letter or the Student Fee Table.

When will I receive my tuition fee invoice?

An invoice will be emailed to you via your University e-mail address in October/November or the start of your course, whichever is the later. 

However, you should not wait for an invoice in order to arrange payment of your tuition fees. 

When will I receive my accommodation fee invoice?

An invoice will be emailed to your University e-mail address in early in October or just after you have moved in, whichever is later.

Do I need to pay my tuition fees before I start my course?

Yes, if you have not taken out a tuition fee loan or are not fully funded by another organisation.  Please see the tuition fee payment page for further details.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, you can pay both your tuition and accommodation fees by instalments. 

However, your accommodation deposit must be paid in full before you move into your room.

How do I get a receipt for my payment?

If you have paid via the online payment system, a receipt will automatically be e-mailed to the e-mail address supplied when the payment was made.

If you have paid by cheque or banker's draft you should request a receipt at the time of making the payment.

If you require a receipt for payment by bank transfer, please visit the Student Administration Centre who will provide you with a receipt.

If you require a receipt for visa purpose only, please visit the Student Administration Centre who will provide you with a receipt.

How do I have my deposit refunded?

Refunds are paid back to the original payer using the same method as the original payment, in the first instance, e.g. if a  parent paid the deposit by credit card, the refund will go back to the parent on the same card.

Please note: Once students have left accommodation, refunds will be received within 6 to 8 weeks

I have applied for a Career Development Loan. Do I need to do set anything up on the online payment system?

If you have not yet received notification of eligibility, you will need to make appropriate payment arrangements on the online payment facility. This includes payment of the first third of your fees upfront. Once you receive the loan, if there is any refund due, this will be processed onto the card that was used.

If you have been awarded a CDL you will receive a breakdown of your CDL with the amounts and dates that payments will be made to the University. Please bring in a copy of this to the Student Administration Centre. Our helpful advisors will be able to agree a special arrangement with you.

I receive the International Advancement Award/ Postgraduate Loyalty Award. Is this award deducted from my tuition fee?

Both of these awards are deducted from your total tuition fee at start of each academic year. Therefore you just need to pay the remaining amount. If paying by three instalments you deduct the award of your tuition fee and then set up a payment plan for three equal instalments. Please be aware these awards cannot be used for your first instalment.