Applying through an agent

Get help from an approved agent who can provide expert guidance on the application process for students from your home country.

Many international students choose to use an education recruitment representative known as an agent to help them complete their university application. Agents have specialist knowledge to help you through the entire process, including:

  • Choosing the course that’s right for you
  • Advising on processes and deadlines
  • Submitting your application
  • Applying for your visa.

Before you start working with an agent, you should make sure they're an approved agent for the University of Liverpool. Our country pages have details of approved agents for each country. You should also check if there are any costs associated with using your preferred agent.

Apply through an agent in your country

If you're not currently living in the UK, you may wish to use an agent in your country when you apply to study with us.

Many overseas agents offer face-to-face appointments or you may be able to arrange an online appointment if you prefer. 

Please see our country pages for details of approved agents in your country. You can use any of the agents listed on our country pages to help you apply for a course with us.

Find an approved agent in your country

Apply through an agent in the UK

You can find out more about choosing the right agent for you in the ‘Student Guide to Choosing an Education Agent’, which can be found within the UK’s Agent Quality Framework.

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