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Children and Childhood

The Children & Childhood research theme is led by Professor Helen Stalford.

The Children and Childhood research theme allows us to build on existing research collaborations and explore new opportunities between centres of excellence across the University’s faculties.

The theme covers children and childhood in the public sphere, including public services, social policy, human rights, state accountability and economics, and in the private sphere, including family and other interpersonal relationships. It also spans children’s rights, welfare and childhood experiences in developed and developing countries at regional, national and international levels.

The theme supports opportunities for local outreach and impact, including direct interaction with children, practitioners, third sector organisations, schools, community groups and local government.  Children and Childhood equally lends itself to interdisciplinary teaching and supervision on a range of methodological and substantive issues at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

With research collaborations already in place in the fields of criminology, public healthhistory, law, medicine, politicssocial policy and sociology, psychology, and strong potential for further collaborations in economics, civic design and the Arts, the University is able to deliver high impact children-focused initiatives that are innovative, inclusive and influential.

Colleagues can visit the theme intranet page here.

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