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Tate Exchange Programme.

Tate Exchange is an open experiment; a space for an ongoing programme of events developed by artists, practitioners, and associates. It is a place where everyone is invited to collaborate, test ideas and discover new perspectives on life, through art.

The programme is currently under review in the light of changes in the external environment. We will release further details in due course.

Take a closer look at just some of our past Tate Exchange residencies in this short video:


Upcoming activities at Tate Liverpool

Following the latest guidance, Tate Liverpool will reopen to the public from 18 May 2021

Two exhibitions which received great acclaim from audiences before the closure period, Don McCullin’s moving retrospective and the poignant Aliza Nisenbaum show that focuses on NHS workers in the city, starring our very own Prof Callum Semple, have both been extended until 5 September 2021.

Coming soon

Over the coming weeks we will release details of how you can be part of our collaborative public engagement initiatives that support Tate’s exhibitions and enable you to engage with new audiences and contribute to the cultural life of our great city.

Case Studies

Explore some of these Tate Exchange residencies from University colleagues

Past Projects

Our partnership with the Tate has already inspired researchers from across the University to find new ways to engage with audiences and to use their expertise in new and creative ways. Find out more below.

Artwork detail

Tearing Up The Past

Tearing Up the Past focuses on conflict and artistic resistance in Latin America. Collage and photo montage are ways to express a political dispute or to combat those who attempt to cover up traumatic events.

Room For Improvement Logo

Room For Improvement

Stretch yourself physically, mentally and creatively in our Room for Improvement, explore the world of wellbeing and enjoy the unique opportunity to exercise in the art gallery.

Two people sitting on a bench talking

Transits and Transformations

Reflections on higher education and the impact it has on transforming lives, especially for those who come to learning later in life.

Image of book of the dead papyrus

Book of the Dead

The work of established artists interpreted by Egyptology experts, providing an insight into the beliefs of an ancient people.

Visions of the Future

Imagining a vision of the future using materials from the University’s Special Collections and Archives.

Thinking is Seeing

Exploring the connections between different paintings in the same way as ancient astronomers looked at stars and found links and relationships between them.

Artwork detail

Made From Light

A series of creative workshops and talks exploring the art, science and the history of renewable energy, which has been around longer than you may think.

Architectural drawing detail

Tate Architecture Studio

Using the early concept drawings for the design of the gallery, Liverpool School of Architecture’s students explored Tate Liverpool’s architecture.

Portrait Photograph of a middle aged man

Portraying a Nation

World War photographs and paintings developed into educational activities through a ‘teach the teacher’ project.

Knowledge Is Power artwork

Knowledge Is Power

This residency from Zhuozhang Li included workshops, talks, performance and exhibitions, all focusing on the relation between individual and city, history and memory.

Staff and Students Benefits

University Staff and Students are entitled to free entry to all paid exhibitions at Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain and Tate Modern; plus 10% discount in the Tate Liverpool Shop and 20% discount at the Tate Liverpool Cafe.*

Due to additional safety measures in place, you will need to pre-book a ticket online for entry to all Tate shows. Please register / log-in as though you are a ‘member’ using your university email address to claim your free ticket. 

* Staff and Students must present a valid University of Liverpool Staff or Student ID Card when visiting Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain and Tate Modern.

For more information about University staff and student opportunities please contact Hannah Schumann, Research Partnerships Marketing Manager at h.schumann@liverpool.ac.uk