Recent research projects: demonstrating impact

Find out more about some of the latest projects in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

The Digital Panopticon: The Global Impact of London Punishments (1780-1925)

The Digital Panopticon: The Global Impact of London Punishments (1780-1925)

The Digital Panopticon project traces the lives of 90,000 people sentenced to transportation to Australia from Britain between 1841 and 1911, with the information freely available on a public website.

Tackling Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Antislavery and Human Trafficking

Tackling Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Combating slavery in Sub-Saharan Africa by exploring how arts & humanities can shift antislavery efforts towards a more community-engaged focus.

Sisters of Mersey

Meet the extraordinary women who shaped Liverpool and beyond in this mobile app project.

Clothes, Chocolate and Children

Clothes, Chocolate and Children

Realising the Transparency Dividend (Nov 2017- May 2019). This project examines how the new political economy of transparency enhances the well-being of workers and children in the developing world.

Agreement: A People’s Process

A physical and digital exhibition hosted by the Institute of Irish Studies to mark the 20th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.

Tracing the Past

Drs Alex Buchanan and Nick Webb use the latest digital scanning technologies to unlock the secrets of medieval architecture.

Gang Violence in Late Victorian Manchester

Dr Andy Davies has been researching the hidden history of Manchester's gangs for many years, exploring the nature and extent of gang formation and conflict in Manchester between 1870 and 1900.

#Lads on Social Media: Investigating Young Networked Masculinities

Exploring how young men use social media to form and develop their masculinised identifications, connections and networks, particularly those that centre around ‘laddish’ identities

Centre of Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA)

Centre of Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA)

CAVA supports researchers interested in exploring the representation of and engagement with architectural and urban forms, narratives and practices, especially in areas such as film, photography and the digital and physical space.

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