Two researchers looking at records

Working in partnership

Researchers from the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences are working with partners across the city region and beyond to build a robust programme of collaborations and knowledge exchange for the benefit of all.

Our colleagues are exploring a multitude of topics that affect society at any given time. But they are not working in isolation. We partner with, and exchange knowledge, insights and expertise with many different organisations across many different sectors.

These range from corporate and commercial enteties to healthcare providers, local government to arts institutions. Together, our combined insights bring real benefits and change to bear on the world around us.

Below you can find examples of the work taking place locally, nationally and internationally.

University of Liverpool colleagues looking to develop external partnerships will find the Research Partnering Toolkit extremely useful (intranet link).

If you are an external organisation looking to partner with University of Liverpool colleagues in any area, please explore our 'Collaborate with us' pages and get in touch.