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Research Focus: Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic is changing our world, and how we live, in ways that would have seemed incredible before 2020. Across the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, our research colleagues have been turning their attention to how these changes are impacting society, and how we might take this opportunity to change our world for the better.

Below, we share a selection of research projects currently underway within our Faculty as a response to COVID-19.

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Recently-Funded COVID-19 Research Projects

Take a look at some of the research projects from Faculty colleagues that have been successful in securing funding to help tackle the Coronavirus and its impacts.

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Culture at Home

The University and our Faculty are responding to the COVID-19 crisis in lots of ways. Amongst them is this collection of apps, activities and teaching tools to help keep us entertained and learning during lockdown.

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Being Alone Together: Developing Fake News Immunity

Challenging fake news, Dr Elena Musi is fighting the “infodemic” by helping the media and public build ‘fake news immunity’, after securing more than £200,000 of UKRI funding.

Lisa Shaw Cinema Memory Wellbeing Service Users

Cinema, Memory and Wellbeing

For older users and carers, particularly those caring for people with dementia. Take a stimulating trip down cinematic memory lane with Professor Lisa Shaw's Cinema, Memory and Wellbeing project on Facebook.

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Digital COVID-19 Visualisation and Impact

Research into design implications and applications that reduce the concentration of airborne droplets and aerosols, led by Monika Koeck (Director/Editor) and Richard Koeck (Executive Producer) from CAVA.

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Resisting Dystopia: A Science Fiction Reading List

Science Fiction Collections librarian and University teacher Phoenix Alexander has curated a selection of science fiction texts that will help you survive - and thrive!" - in our dystopian present.

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Studying the Impact of COVID-19 Policy Decisions in Real-Time

Studying major policy changes, and their impacts, in real time is not something our academics get to do every day. But that's just what Professor Sally Sheard is able to do in this exciting project.

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Effectiveness of Government Policies in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Professor Costas Milas of the Management School assesses the quantitative impact of government interventions on deaths related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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COVID-19: Heseltine Institute Policy Briefs

How will the Liverpool City Region respond to COVID-19, one of the greatest public policy challenges faced in a generation? The Heseltine Institute For Public Policy, Practice and Place have put together a series of briefing notes on possible solutions.

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Academic Law and the Pandemic Response

Dr Amel Alghrani and colleagues have been applying their legal skills to projects helping with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Children’s Rights

A series of briefing notes from Members of the European Children’s Rights Unit.

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The Shadow Pandemic

Professor Sandra Walklate, Professor Barry Godfrey and Dr Jane Richardson investigate the challenges posed by the lockdown in responding to domestic abuse.

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The Impact of Restricted Access to Arts & Culture

Investigating how restricted access to arts and culture in the Liverpool City Region has impacted on public mental health and innovation in arts provision.

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COVID-19 and Racialised Risk Narratives in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa

How language used by governments, the media and others contributed to the racialisation of the risk narratives around COVID-19 in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

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Photogrammetry Remote Learning & Artefact Handling

Photogrammetry Team has rapidly deployed a range of virtual models to assist in disrupted modules and course work during the pandemic.