COVID-19 : Heseltine Institute Policy Briefs

COVID-19 presents one of the greatest public policy challenges Liverpool City Region has faced in a generation.

Drawing upon expertise from within the University of Liverpool and across the Liverpool City Region, the Heseltine Institute in collaboration with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is publishing a series of COVID-19 Policy Briefs over the coming months to complement and add value to the work of civic leaders and policy makers as they respond to the profound local challenges arising from this global pandemic.

Our objective is to disseminate knowledge, best practices and translational research expertise to help mitigate the present health crisis and its social, economic and environmental aftershocks, as well as think anew about how we might Build Back Better to create a more resilient Liverpool City Region in the future. Attention on the immediate challenges will be complemented by horizon scanning and future-oriented pieces exploring the long-term impacts and prospective policy shifts that the crisis may instigate.

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 001 Credit: Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo

Policy Briefing 001

Introducing the COVID-19 Policy Briefs

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 002

Policy Briefing 002

Towards a New Civic Agenda for Universities?

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 003

Policy Briefing 003

COVID-19: How Modelling is Contributing to the Merseyside Response

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 004

Policy Briefing 004

Coordinating Public Procurement: Drawing Closer in a Time of Distancing

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 005

Policy Briefing 005

Principles for Uncertain Times: Building an Effective Post-COVID Economy in Liverpool City Region

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 006

Policy Briefing 006

Universal Basic Income: A Necessary but not Sufficient Response to Crisis

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 007

Policy Briefing 007

Liverpool City Region Wealth and Wellbeing Programme: Adapting to COVID-19

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 008

Policy Briefing 008

Devolution in England after the Pandemic: Time to "Level Up" and "Fill Out"

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 009

Policy Briefing 009

Building Back Better: What Role for the Liverpool City Region Economic Recovery Panel?

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 010

Policy Briefing 010

Cycling and Walking: A Faster Route to a Safer and Stronger Liverpool City Region