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Our work

Our work focuses on a crucial contemporary challenge: the development of successful, sustainable city regions in an unstable global world.

Four pillars of work

Find out more about the four pillars of work conducted by the Heseltine Institute.

High impact research and thought leadership

The Heseltine Institute conducts research and leads innovative thinking in the area of Sustainable Urban Development, specifically those policy areas deemed critical to the future welfare of cities and city regions.

Our areas of research currently include:

  • Balanced regional development
  • English devolution
  • The social economy
  • Diverse leadership and gender equality in cities
  • Public services and welfare reform
  • Health and health governance
  • Smart cities, artificial intelligence and automation
  • Brexit
  • Low carbon transitions and climate resilience
  • Heritage

Knowledge exchange

The purpose of the Institute’s knowledge exchange work is to understand how researchers and external partners might work better together to embed research in wider communities.

Through deploying knowledge in fresh ways, we want to ensure the University’s excellent research adds value and has impact and influence on public policy.

Capacity building, upskilling and training

Our third pillar is about providing training in, and building the capacity of, the University’s faculties and (PhD) students to mobilise their work for public policy impact.

There is also opportunities to fortify the capacity of policy-makers to enact public policy by referencing international good practice, lessons and methods.

Evidenced Based Public Policy

At root, the Heseltine Institute is for better informed urban policy making.

This pillar of work seeks to map existing city data, auditing the (small and big) data which is held in different institutions, noting the different ways it is collected, stored, analysed and visualised and consider the extent to which data sets are interoperable, shareable and scale-able. We will develop a plan to improve the city’s data infrastructure.