Heseltine Institute Policy Briefings

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented Liverpool City Region with arguably its greatest public policy challenge in decades.

As society reopens, the question of how the city region will recover from the health impacts of the pandemic as well as its economic and social aftershocks will dominate local and regional policy over the coming years. At the outset of the pandemic, the Heseltine Institute supported the work of local civic leaders and anchor institutions in responding to the pandemic by launching the COVID-19 policy briefs series. Drawing on expertise from within the University of Liverpool, across the city region and beyond, these 42 papers, published over 12 months, facilitated the rapid exchange of knowledge and ideas between researchers, policymakers and practitioners across a wide range of policy areas.

As economies adapt, there remain uncertainties about how communities will be affected in the longer term by the challenges ushered in by the pandemic, as well as questions about how prosperity and resilience can be rebuilt. This is the context for our second series of policy briefs. Focused on the themes of renewal and recovery, the series will contribute to creative and innovative thinking about how cities and city regions can recover from the impacts of COVID-19; promote research on the major issues facing society and the economy over the coming years; and illustrate how this research can be applied through policy. Our aim is to develop and disseminate research that can help to develop a strong recovery in Liverpool City Region, encourage debate about alternative approaches to economic development, public service delivery and innovation, and develop closer links between researchers and the policy community in the city region.

The latest Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing

A recovery for secure livelihoods

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