Detail of Liverpool Waterfront building

Sustainable and Resilient Cities

The Sustainable and Resilient Cities research theme is led by Sue Jarvis, and Professor Catherine Durose, Co-Directors of the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place.

The theme is characterised by a desire to prompt, prime, inform and catalyse sustainable and resilient urban development.

The theme adopts a broad geographic and disciplinary lens that reflects both the diverse challenges facing urban areas globally and the combination of skill-sets and specialisms that are required to produce fresh insights and effective solutions.

COVID-19 : Heseltine Institute Policy Briefings

Drawing upon expertise from within the University of Liverpool and across the City Region, the Heseltine Institute in collaboration with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is publishing a series of policy briefings to complement and add value to the work of civic leaders and policy makers as they respond to the profound local challenges arising from COVID-19. Read these policy briefings here.

Emerging from Covid-19 stronger: Perspectives from the Liverpool Doctoral Community

Covid-19 is rapidly becoming an event of world historical consequence. This series of podcasts draws from the insights and expertise of PhD researchers across the University of Liverpool to identify solutions to, and opportunities arising from, this grave new challenge. Listen to the podcasts here.