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About Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Led by Sue Jarvis and Professor Catherine Durose, Co-Directors of the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place, this research theme reaches out across the university in addressing the key policy challenges that cities and city regions face.

Research relevant to this theme is characterised by its shared desire to prompt, prime, inform or catalyse sustainable and resilient urban development, and includes both the fundamental research that the university publishes in leading academic journals, and the high-impact policy-facing work that it undertakes in partnership with stakeholder communities. Although much of the focus of the theme is on the Liverpool City Region, the geographic parameters of the theme are broad – encompassing both the Global North and the Global South, and including not only the fast-growing city-regions but also a wide range of second-tier and otherwise stagnating or declining urban areas.

In disciplinary terms, the boundaries of the theme are as expansive as the multiple challenges that 21st century cities and city regions face – extending by necessity beyond the humanities and social sciences and into the environmental, health and life sciences.

The sustainable and resilient cities theme recognises that the University of Liverpool is an anchor institution in Liverpool City Region committed to civic engagement and as such we support the university in realising its wider social value. In particular we are committed to helping the University align its activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We do this by showcasing and monitoring relevant research activity; by brokering opportunities for collaboration, consultation and partnership; and by connecting the discrete (and often diffuse) sites of expertise within the University.

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