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Research Focus: Climate and Environment

Climate change, and the environmental impacts that accompany it, represent an existential threat to not just humanity's, but the planet's future. Colleagues from all Schools within the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences are focussing their reseach on the effects of climate change on societies across the globe, and what it means for how we think, plan and behave as we strive to come to terms with a changing world.

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The University of Liverpool's Research Challenge: Climate Futures

The climate emergency is driving research across the University. Here you can see some of the projects rising to the challenge.

Climate Research Matt Grove

Climate and Human Evolution & Dispersal

Dr Matthew Grove explores how climate change has effected our development as a species.

Road in a desert

Environmental Philosophy

Professor Simon Hailwood's research looks at how political and environmental philosophy meet and influence each other.

Carbon and Energy Reduction Plan for National Museums Liverpool and the Everyman Theatre

Dr Stephen Finnegan is working with The Everyman Theatre and National Museums Liverpool to help assess and manage their environmental impacts.

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Enriching Ecological Understanding and Enhancing Healthcare Practices

Researchers are transforming understandings of the relationship between literature, science and the environment through multiple initiatives.

Liverpool Waterfront buildings

A Green Future

Professor Mark Boyle outlines the Heseltine Institute's proposal for how the Liverpool City Region can work towards a green future.

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Promoting the Environmental Humanities

Environmental Humanities research at the University seeks to explore the complex inter-relationships between societies and environments, in the past, present and future.


Zero Carbon Research Initiative (ZCRI)

ZCRI is a research and consultancy group led by Dr Stephen Finnegan. Its goal is to help businesses achieve the UK Government's plan to become Net Zero Carbon (NZC) by 2050.

Shipping and transport vehicles

Digital solutions for greener ports

Professor Dongping Song from the Management School investigates how digitalisation can improve operational efficiency in ports and reduce the industry’s high levels of air pollutants and CO2 emissions.