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Transits and Transformations

How does accessing higher education late change lives and identities?

Monday 29 October – Sunday 04 November 2018

Transits & Transormations at Tate Exchange reflected on higher education and the impact it can have on transforming lives and identities, especially for those who come to learning later in life. It uncovered shared experiences and sought answers to the question who has access to higher education, how is this changing and why? 

Activities included:

  • wALLstories: a collage recording learner experiences. View and comment on artwork inspired by learning as a mature student. 
  • Vlogs about the impact of higher education on you or your family. 
  • Conversations before an audience, when mature learners exchanged experiences about higher education, stereotypes, expectations, identity and opportunity. 
  • Art and Protest Seminar led by staff from the University of Liverpool. 
  • Artwork produced at the end of the event by an artist inspired by stories heard and artwork contributed during the week. 

The week of activities was part of the celebrations surrounding the 20-year anniversary of the Go Higher Diploma, the University of Liverpool’s part-time access foundation programme for mature learners seeking access to degrees in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

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