My Experiences with Decolonisation of Curriculum

Posted on: 27 October 2021 by Joe in Posts

Decolonizing the curriculum


Over the past year I’ve become quite captivated by Native American history and Indigenous rights globally, and I even plan to do my dissertation next year on Indigenous representation in literature.  This project was a superb opportunity for me to foster greater research skills, learn more about similar international initiatives, and perhaps get other students interested too.


My presentation had a specific focus on my second year English Literature modules and exam questions. I suggested while some modules are already very effective in engaging with colonialism, slavery, racism and related topics, some modules on canonical English literature should be revised to include a stronger postcolonial backing. 


Fraser Salish community Symposium

I also visited a range of BIPOC lectures through Eventbrite, and dedicated two blog posts to passing on their message. One was a community health project by the Fraser Salish, a Canadian First Nation people, on the functioning of a local health clinic. The second was by famous Anishinabee activist Sarain Fox, discussing a promotional video for Canada’s National Indigenous History Month Campaign. The third was from a Mexican art curator in Whitney, Texas, discussing her attempts to make art galleries more inclusive for local Latin American artist.