Welcome to Schools Lab

A unique facility in the Department of Chemistry. SchoolsLab can accommodate groups of 15 visiting students.

Sessions are run throughout the academic year and take place in our Central Teaching Laboratories.

Schools Lab aims to:

  • show young people the excitement of science by making links with current research topics
  • raise attainment in science by supporting the school and college curriculum
  • extend students' experience with challenging experiments and concepts that take them beyond the curriculum
  • inspire the brightest young people to become the scientists of the future
  • show how chemistry and physics are closely linked, particularly in the science of new materials

Our sessions include:

Materials Matters!

This workshop gives an introduction to some important and fascinating materials - polymers in the morning and magnetism in the afternoon. Fun and hands-on activities showing the importance of both chemistry and physics. For year groups 7 - 8.

Chemistry of the Colonies

An introduction to carbohydrate chemistry - this is relevant to both chemistry and biology. Students will learn about aspects of carbohydrate chemistry, and carry out tests to identify sugars and determine the Vitamin C content in drinks. For year groups 9 - 10.

Intoduction to Nanotechnology and Magnetism

Nanotechnology and Magnetism for GCSE. For year groups 10 - 11.

Welcome to Nanoworld

Make your own magnetic nanoparticles and investigate the strange behaviour of a ferrofluid. Learn about buckyballs and applications of nanotechnology. For year groups 12 - 13.


A-level tranisition metal chemistry in a day of colourful experiments. For year groups 12 - 13.


Learn about new research in polymer chemistry. Make your own samples of porous polymer and find out about applications of this new technology. For year groups 10 - 13.


A brief introduction to spectroscopy, with demonstrations of modern spectrometers, and a problem session. For year groups 12 - 13.

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