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Research Projects

Research in the Department of Languages Cultures and Film at the University of Liverpool contributes to national and international debates about how Modern Languages defines itself, but also – and in this we are pioneering – we envisage Modern Languages approaches as shaping the research agendas of a whole range of other disciplines, how we can influence these disciplines and their ways of working, and how we can, as a result, champion challenge-based and linguistically-sensitive approaches to research from a Modern Languages perspective.

We conceive of Modern Languages as translational in that we see our role as translating between disciplines, between societal boundaries, and between the academy and practice. This is reflected in the different research projects that colleagues of the Department are engaged in, as listed below.

Beyond Borders: Transnational Italy

Dr Barbara Spadaro (Italian Studies)

Black History in Germany

Professor Eve Rosenhaft (German Studies)

Brews and Brows: Shaping Stories from Eyebrows to Scousebrows

Dr Niamh Thornton (Iberian and Latin American Studies and Film Studies)

Cinema, Memory & Wellbeing

Dr Lisa Shaw (Film Studies)

Crossroads of the World: Colonial Encounters in Le Havre and Nantes

Professor Kate Marsh (French Studies)

Legacies of Empire: Changing Public and Practitioners Understandings of Globalisation, Culture and Identity

Professor Kate Marsh (French Studies)

Mediating Spanish Women: Popular Culture and Feminist Visibilities

Dr Abigail Loxham (Film Studies)

Monolingual Schools in Multilingual Societies: An Exploration of Language and Education in Cape Verde

Dr Nicola Bermingham (Hispanic Studies)

Specular Ghosts: Memory and Trauma in Mexican Visual Culture

Dr Niamh Thornton (Iberian and Latin American Studies and Film Studies)

Memory, Victims and Representation of the Colombian Conflict 

Professor Claire Taylor (Iberian and Latin American Studies)

The Hugli River of Cultures

Dr Ian Magedera (French Studies)

The Romani Holocaust

Professor Eve Rosenhaft (German Studies)

Translating Cultures: leading a national Arts & Humanities research theme

Professor Charles Forsdick (French Studies)

Writing the City: Berlin literature anthologies

Dr Lyn Marven (German Studies)