Research Impact

Our Department’s research has influenced communities in many ways, from highlighting political issues to helping disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

The impact of our research focuses on new modes of engagement with external partners and stakeholders, such as co-curation of exhibitions and practitioner-led design of wellbeing activities and multimedia tools.

We interact and develop relationships with users in response to pressing challenges, such as the ageing population, an increasing lack of support for those living with mental illness, a rise in extremist views and discrimination and unethical labour practices.

Cinema, music, memory and wellbeing

Cinema Memory & Wellbeing - REF 2021 Case Study

We have improved the wellbeing of older people and those living with early-stage dementia in the UK and Brazil through music and film.

The Romani Holocaust - Lessons and Legacies

The Romani Holocaust

New materials and approaches help engage young people with the lives of Sinti and Roma.

The Legacies of Empire: Changing Public and Practitioners’ Understandings of Globalization, Culture and Identity Singh Twins

Legacies of Empire, Artistic Practice and Consumer Ethics - REF 2021 Case Study

Changing Public and Practitioners’ Understandings of Globalization, Culture and Identity

Black History in Germany Sketch of depicting slavery of an adult and child.

Black History in Germany - REF 2021 Case Study

We have contributed to raising consciousness about European Black history.

Memory, Victims, and Representation of the Colombian Conflict

This project brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts working in the fields of Modern Languages, Media Arts, Computer Sciences and Human Rights Law, as well as practitioners, to address the issue of the representation of conflict and victims in Colombia’s 60-year long conflict.