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The Department’s research adopts a linguistically and culturally sensitive approach to address a range of real-world problems, and has influenced communities in many ways, from highlighting political issues to helping disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

Some of the projects to highlight include new ways of engaging older adults and people living with dementia through popular films music from their pasts to stimulate memories and wellbeing benefits, exploring the roles museums, archives and commemoration can play in resolving political conflict, understanding the legacies of the Romani Holocaust and keeping its memory alive in younger generations, the historical legacies of colonial trade, plus projects exploring the fundamental nature of how multilingualism and translations help transmit our histories and beliefs.

The impact of our research also focuses on new modes of engagement with external partners and stakeholders, such as co-curation of exhibitions and practitioner-led design of wellbeing activities and multimedia tools. We endeavour to put the lived experience of those affected by our areas of research at the heart of all we do in order to maximise the real-life impact of our work.

REF 2021

100% of our environment was classified world leading (4*) or internationally excellent (3*). Find out more about our REF 2021 results.