Tales from the Square podcasts

Exploring the fascinating collections and research projects taking place around the city’s famous Abercromby Square, this podcast series brings these captivating and eclectic stories alive

Saving Brutalist icon Preston Bus Station

Research by Dr Christina Malathouni from the School of Architecture helped raise awareness of the UK’s post-war architectural heritage and contributed to the Grade II listed status of Preston Bus Station. Find out how they did it and what makes the architectural icon so special in this podcast and video. Read more about the project here.

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100 Years of Jazz in Britain

Professor Catherine Tackley from the Department of Music explores the influence of jazz on culture and society in the interwar years in Britain, when the arrival of two groups from America, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and the Southern Syncopated Orchestra, brought jazz to public attention. Read more about the 100 Years of Jazz in Britain project here.

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Grand Designs in Ancient Greece

Dr Matthew Fitzjohn and Dr Peta Bulmer, from the Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology Department, explain how they use Lego, archaeology, and the power of imagination to take children (of all ages) back to the world of Ancient Greece.

Combining Matthew's research on ancient Greek houses and households, with digital technologies and Lego, this unique teaching programme inspires school children to learn about the archaeology of ancient Greece, using innovative cross-curricular cresources which integrate both Arts and STEM subjects. Read more about the Grand Designs in Ancient Greece project here.

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The Elizabeth Slater Archaeological Science Laboratories

Explore the state-of-the-art archaeological science labs at the Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology Department here at the University of Liverpool. Discover how hi-tech tools are bringing the lives of ancient and prehistoric peoples back into focus and giving us insights into their skills, lifestyles and attitudes to the world around them. Find out more about the Labs here.

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The Human Remains Project

Rest in peace? That's not always been the case, as Dr Ruth Nugent explains. Learn about the history of burying, disinterring, and venerating the historic dead, and how our relationship with death, and our places of burial and memorialising prove that life doesn't end with death. Take a closer look at The Human Remains project here.

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The Institute of Popular Music

Meet Professor Sara Cohen and explore the University of Liverpool's Institute of Popular Music. Learn about their collections, wider impact, and in particular the project highlighting the 'Chile in Liverpool' collection of Robert Pring-Mill. This features sound recordings, posters, albums and ephemera surrounding politically committed songs from Chile by artists including Víctor Jara and Violeta Parra, and explores the experience of Chilean exiles in Liverpool. Learn more about the Chilean music project here.

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The Garstang Museum & Photogrammetry: History in Three Dimensions

Meet curator Gina Criscenzo Laycock, and photogrammetry technician Charlotte Sargent to explore the fascinating Ancient Egyptian collections of the University of Liverpool's Garstang Museum, and learn about the ground-breaking work by our photogrammetry team to bring the objects to life for audiences around the world. Learn more about photogrammetry at the University of Liverpool.

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The Sisters of Mersey

Meet Dr Sam Caslin and take a tour of Liverpool’s famous, and infamous, women who have shaped the politics, philanthropy and culture of the city and beyond. From social campaigners to convicted murderers, pop stars to suffragettes, Sam’s mobile app will uncover a city you never knew existed. Learn more about the Sisters of Mersey project.

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The Viking Age in the North West

Professor Clare Downham has created an app that brings the region’s Viking history into the palm of your hand, exploring how they shaped settlements and place names and more, plus find out why the Vikings might not be quite as you imagined them to be. Learn more and download the Viking Age in the North West mobile app.

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The Science-Fiction Archive: Infinite Worlds, One Library

Join Dr Phoenix Alexander, Science Fiction Librarian at the University of Liverpool’s Special Collections & Archives as he opens the airlock and takes us on a tour of the outstanding sci-fi collection held at the Sydney Jones Library. Including the archives of John Wyndham and Arthur C. Clarke, this really is full of stars… Explore the Science Fiction Hub.

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