Work with us

We can provide you with access to some of the brightest minds in the country. Our interdisciplinary world-leading research, unique model for collaboration and cutting-edge facilities enable our academic community to work with you to help address societal challenges and deliver novel solutions for your organisation:

  • Collaborate with us to connect with the right people and access funding
  • Access our world class expertise and facilities
  • Work in partnership with academics to achieve strategic goals
  • Access Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes
  • Benefit from the training and ides of our undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates.

Honorary Clinical Appointments Scopes FINAL

Honorary appointments

Honorary appointments are valuable to our collaborative endeavour, supporting these efforts by providing access to the significant resources at the Faculty’s disposal, whilst harnessing outputs for the benefit of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, and our shared objective of improving patient care, across the region.

Liverpool shared research facilities

Liverpool Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF)

Liverpool Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF) offer flexible access to world-class equipment and expertise through its Shared Research Facilities. Available to both internal and commercial partners, we can provide the equipment, facilities and academic expertise you need to support your research programme.