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Outstanding facilities for world-class research

Tel: +44 (0)151 794 5489
Prof Ian Prior, Director LIV-SRF

Liverpool Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF) offer flexible access to world-class equipment and expertise through its Shared Research Facilities. Available to both internal and commercial partners, we can provide the equipment, facilities and academic expertise you need to support your research programme.

Prof Ian Prior, LIV-SRF Director


Enhancing the research environment

Liverpool Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF) has a clear and defined role: to ensure that the all members of our Faculty have access to the equipment and expertise to pursue outstanding science

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Outstanding facilities to support your work

We currently support Shared Research Facilities in a number of areas. Each facility is run by an expert team with an in-depth knowledge of their area and a wealth of experience supporting research programs.

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