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Funding Opportunities and Bid Development

Liverpool Translational Hub - Funding opportunities and bid development

The University holds external awards which fund regular internal competitions for key translational/Impact acceleration projects, coordinated by HLS and Research and Partnerships Development. These are listed in the table below.

Support for applications to external translational awards is available from HLS Research and Impact Directorate staff (Dr Jiafeng Feng, Translational Bid Development Officer, HLS) and colleagues in Central Professional Services, including RPD and the peer review college (Dr Laurence Glennon-Alty, Impact and Business Development Manager, RPI).

Costings support will be available from the Research Support Office, for which we can advise on the most relevant contacts.  For NHS costings support, your RSO contact will involve Liverpool Health Partner’s SPARK office, who will be able to advise.



Internal funding available



Wellcome Institutional Translational Partnership Award (ITPA)

The ITPA and HLS co-fund the Translational Research Access Programme (TRAP) which provides pump priming funding with the explicit intention of promoting translational research via new collaborations between the University of Liverpool and its local healthcare community, primarily to address health issues of the Liverpool City region

Contact: Research and Impact Officer, FHLS Research and Impact Directorate, Rosie Corbin

Up to £100k per project, up to two years in duration.

Two calls per year, £600k per year available.


Wellcome Trust’s Institutional Translational Partnership Award (ITPA)

Early Career Researcher Dragon’s Den Translational Award


The ITPA has a pilot Early Career Researcher pump priming fund with the explicit intention of promoting translational research 

Contact: Research and Impact Officer, FHLS Research and Impact Directorate, Rosie Corbin

Up to £15k per project, up to one year in duration.

Pilot, £60k total available. 
Medical Research Council Impact Acceleration Award (formerly ‘Confidence in Concept’ (CiC)) 

Pump priming funding to accelerate the transition from discovery science to the early stages of therapeutic/ diagnostic development

(n.b. HLS will not know until later this year whether it has been awarded funds to run a 2021/22 competition).

Contact: Impact Officer, FHLS Research and Impact Directorate, Amanda Fitzgerald
Up to £50,000 per project (upper limit may be increased beyond 2021 round) up to one year in duration LINK
BBSRC Impact Acceleration Award (IAA)

The IAA aims to help our most pioneering scientists create successful impact from their research, improve industrial collaboration and foster greater entrepreneurship.

IAA: Exploratory Award Typical activities may include but are not limited to feasibility studies, building partnerships, prototype construction. People exchange and industry partners.

IAA: Secondment Requires partner engagement. Intended to develop greater interaction with external partners. Please contact the IAA manager to discuss.

Impact Training and Events. The IAA team organises impact training and events regularly. Please get in touch to discuss any ideas for training and events fundable through the BBSRC IAA.

Contact:  Impact & Business Development Manager, Laurence Glennon-Alty

IAA: Exploratory Award (up to £30K), awarded annually.

IAA: Secondment (up to £20K). 1 awarded annually.
Hugh Greenwood Legacy Fund

The ‘Hugh Greenwood Legacy for Children’s Health Research’ Awards are to support outstanding children’s health research that will directly improve the lives of children looked after by Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (Alder Hey), undertaken in close collaboration with the University of Liverpool, and that serves to strengthen and develop further that partnership.

Applications must foster collaborative research projects which have improving children’s and young people’s health outcomes at their core. Projects must address an unmet children’s health need affecting children cared for by Alder Hey. Specifically, they must address one of more of the Liverpool Health Partners ‘Starting Well’ Strategic Priorities

 To be eligible for Hugh Greenwood funding, the application must:

  • Be a collaboration between the University of Liverpool and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Be jointly led by a senior applicant at the University of Liverpool (who must be substantively employed there and not just hold an honorary contract) AND a senior healthcare or research professional at Alder Hey (who must be substantively employed there and not just hold an honorary contract).
  • The lead applicant at the University of Liverpool can be based in any of the three faculties (Health and Life Sciences, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences)


Awards up to £20,000 per project, up to 12 months in duration.


Final call opens November 2021, and closes 31 January 2022.

Pump Priming Award for ECRs in ISMIB


In ISMIB there is a small pump priming fund that the Research & Impact committee has assigned to support early career researchers (ECRs[1]).  Three awards will be made (£5,000 each) to support new collaborations.  These partnerships must be either inter-departmental, cross-institute, cross-faculty, or outside of the University of Liverpool.  It is essential that these awards are led by an ECR in ISMIB and allow new research avenues to be initiated.

These funds may be used for consumables, travel, or equipment[2].  Staff costs are not allowed.

Note that activities that are a reworking or mere extension of current research will not be eligible for funding.

If you want to be considered for funding, please read the details attached and fill out the proforma and submit to Amanda Penney ( before 4 pm on Friday 18th February 2022.

[1] ECR definition for these purposes: you must be a PDRA, TTF, Fellow, or New Lecturer within 5 years of your first appointment.

[2] Equipment this must be new and not already available within ISMIB. Matched funding from HoDs is encouraged, but not a necessary requirement.

Up to £5k per project. For successful applicants the funds must be spent by the end of July 2022. 

Committed but not spent funds are not eligible. 

This means for travel (e.g., to set up a new collaboration or learn a new technique in someone’s laboratory) that the trip should have taken place, not just pre-booked.

Pump Prime Rl-2022
Lean Launch Programme

For Early Career Researchers

Lean Launch is a game-changing 10-week online customer discovery programme that allows researchers to rapidly test whether there is a market for their commercialisation idea, product or service from the comfort of their workplace/home.

The Lean Launch Programme offers a 10-week online market programme that is designed using lean start-up methodology.

Lean start-up takes the scientific method and applies it to business ideas. Researchers will learn how to use this approach to test what potential customers think about commercialisation idea, product or service.

The project provides £2.5k for market discovery activities, and £1.2k towards Business Advisor support.

The programme offers a pathway towards a further £30k of ICURe funding plus follow-on funding support. 

Lean Launch Programme - University of Liverpool


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