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Translation related training at University of Liverpool


Across Liverpool and the North West Coast (NWC) a variety of different organisations enable health researchers to better engage in research, provide support across different stages of the research and innovation pathway and help ensure the effective delivery of health research.

LHP is hosting a webinar on 20th July at 12 noon, bringing together some key organisations in this process.

This webinar will provide an overview of each organisation and help both new and experienced health researchers understand the type of support on offer and the best way to access this.

The following organisations will be presenting at this event and a small amount of time will be available at the end for questions. A recording of the webinar will be made available for use at future researcher development and training sessions and for dissemination to new staff.

You can register for the online event here.


Early Career Research Translational Training Event 13-15 December 2021

HLS will run two initiatives to develop translational research interest and capability in early career researchers, via:

  • An intensive training event on the fundamentals of translational work. Training will be provided by UoL in-house expertise, as well as industry, NHS and research funding bodies. It takes place Monday 13 December to Wednesday 15 December 2021. Read the full schedule here for the ECR Translational Training Event. Register for this event on Eventbrite here.
  • Additionally, participants who have potentially translatable research which is already underway, will be able to bid for pump priming funds of £15k per project (up to £60k available for all projects). This is the Early Career Researcher Dragon’s Den Translational Award. Find further details here of the Early Career Researcher Dragon’s Den Translational Award criteria. Applicants to this funding scheme should register their interest with Rosie Corbin ( by Wednesday 8 December 2021 and state the research area of the project.



  • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Early Career Researchers.
  • The definition of ECRs is flexible, but it is expected that participants in the training event would be up ten years post-PhD completion for both clinical and non-clinical staff. This excludes breaks such as career breaks / parental or significant sickness leave.
  • Dragon’s Den participants would be up ten years post-PhD completion for non-clinical staff. Clinical staff should be no more than five years after consultant appointment for UoL staff.
  • Attendees from other faculties are welcome to attend, e.g. those at the engineering/medical sciences research interface.


Training in Monday 13 December to Wednesday 15 December 2021:

  • Intensive training over three days. Each session will be roughly 1hr to 1.5hours per session, four sessions a day over three days, between 10am-3pm.
  • Additionally, on the final day, there will be a separate introductory session for Early Career Researcher Dragon’s Den Translational Awardapplicants who have a translational research project that they are looking to take to the next stage.
  • Sessions will be recorded with speakers’ permission. Accessing recordings is an alternative for those with clinical commitments.

Early Career Researcher Dragon’s Den Translational Award application time w/c 20 December to Wednesday 26 January:

  • Pump priming applicants complete paper application.

Funding panel Thursday 3 February 2022:

  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to present their project and answer questions to the ‘Dragon’s Den’ style panel (virtual or in-person depending on availability).




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