Environmental Assessment and Management Research Centre

Environmental Assessment and Management Research Centre


Key EAM research centre academic staff:

  • Prof Thomas Fischer, FIEMA; FHEA
  • Dr Sarah Clement, FHEA
  • Dr Sam Hayes, FHEA
  • Dr Urmila Jha-Thakur, FHEA

Visiting EAM profs, fellows and honorary lecturers

  • Visting Prof David Annandale (EIA consultant, Canada, former Dean, Environmental Sciences, Murdoch University Australia)
  • Visting Prof Rob Verheem (Director of Dutch EIA Commission)
  • Dr Gesa Geissler (Berlin Institute of Technology)
  • Ben Cave (Health Impact Assessment Consultant)
  • Dr Ross Marshall

Current EAM PhD students

  • Adedamola Aderiye: Climate change, EIA and SEA in Nigeria
  • Ramiz Babayev: EIA in Azerbaijan
  • Juwo Sibale: EIA in Malawi
  • Raymond Hung Shiu Fung: The credibility problem of EIA
  • Mehri Khosravi: The development of effective SEA in Iran
  • Maulud Tafida-Isa: Implementing Environmental Impact Assessment within a political economy based on Natural resources: A study on crude oil exploitation in Nigeria
  • Dipita Hossein: SEA in Bangladesh