Environmental Assessment and Management Research Centre


Environmental Assessment and Management (EAM) is a key area of research and teaching in the School of Environmental Sciences. Associated activities are carried out through the EAM Research Centre. Areas in which we are internationally recognized as a place of global excellence include strategic environmental assessment (SEA), environmental impact assessment (EIA), health in impact assessment (IA), sustainability appraisal (SA), and others.

Our Centre hosts the WHO collaborating Centre for ‘Health in Impact Assessments’.

Researchers (including PhDs, RAs and visiting staff) based in the Centre are coming from numerous world regions, including Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Iran, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi-Arabia, Canada, Ghana, Malawi, the Netherlands, Germany, India and the UK.

We currently edit Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (the Journal of the International Association for Impact Assessment) in the Centre.

We have been offering an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management for two decades, which is IEMA accredited. We also offer various PhD and MPhil research options.