Each student will have an industrial supervisor and two academic supervisors, one with expertise aligned with “Future Computing Systems” and one aligned with “Towards a Data-Driven Future”.

Our pool of academic supervisors is drawn from a diverse range of disciplines spanning those at the heart of Data Science (e.g. Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering), disciplines that are often associated with application of Data Science (e.g. Bioinformatics and Geographic Information Science) and those that are perhaps engaged less frequently (e.g. Sociology). 

Next Generation Data Science Supervisors

Professor Simon Maskell

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Simon's profile 

Professor Jason Ralph

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Jason's profile

Dr. Angel Garcia Fernandez

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Angel's profile

Professor Yalin Zheng

Eye and Vision Sciences

View Yalin's profile

Dr. Sebastian Timme

Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering

View Sebastian's profile

Dr. Xingping Yi

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Xingping's profile

Professor Prudence Wong

Department of Computer Science

View Prudence's profile 

Dr. Murat Uney

Lecturer, Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Murat's profile

Dr Mark White

Deapartment of Mecahnical, Materials and Aerospace 

View Mark's profile

Professor Leszek Gasieniec

Department of Computer Sciences

View Leszek's profile 

Dr Vitaliy Kurlin

Department of Computer Sciences 

 View Vitaliy's profile

Dr Peter Green 

Mechanicals, Materials and Aerospace Engineering 

View Pete's profile

Professor Piotr Krysta 

Computer Science

View Piotr’s profile

Dr Lee Devlin


View Lee's profile

Dr Daniel Colquitt

Senior Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

View Daniel's profile 

Dr Ian Sandall

Senior Lecturer, Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Ian's profile

Dr Kirsty McKay

Lecturer, Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Kirsty's profile 

Professor Mario Gianni

Senior Lecturer, Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Mario's profile 

Professor Yaochun Shen

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

View Yaochun's profile

Anna Auer-Fowler

Health Data Science

View Anna's profile

Dr Alessandro Varsi

Electrical Engineering & Electronics 

View Alessandro's profile

Future Computing Supervisors

Dr. Katie Atkinson

Computer science

View Katie's profile

Professor Paul Spirakis

Computer science

View Paul's profile

Dr. Alexei Lisitsa

Computer science

View Alexei's profile

Professor Vassil Alexandrov

STFC Hartree

View Vassil's profile

Dr. Igor Potapov 

Computer science

View Igor's profile

Jony Castagna

STFC Hartree

View Jony's profile

Dominic Richards

STFC Hartree

Robert Firth

STFC Hartree

View Robert's profile

Assistant Professor Bei Peng

Department of Computer Science

View Bei's profile

Dr Xiaowei Huang

Department of Computer Science

View Xiaowei's profile

Dr Anh Nguyen

Department of Computer Science

View Xiaowei's profile

Simon Goodchild

Data Scientist, STFC Hartree

View Simon's profile

Dr Jelena Milisavljevic-Sayed

Civil Engineering and Industry Design

View Jelena's profile

Dr Stewart Haslinger

Mathematical Sciences

View Stewart's profile

Professor Rida Laraki

Computer Science

View Rida’s profile

Professor Sven Schewe

Compter Science/Head of AI

View Sven's profile

Dr Dominik Wojtczak

Computer Science

View Dominik's profile

Dr Kostas Tsakalidis

Computer Science

View Kostas's profile

Industrial supervisors




Ian Miles


Aleph Insights

John Pattinson



Andy Peace

Technical Manager

Aircraft Research Association

Moira Maina

R&D Director

Aircraft Research Association

Dr Nagesh Kalakonda

Reader and Honorary Consultant

The Clatterbridge Centre for Cancer

Russell Coleman

Head of Engineering, ISR & Space Solutions

Collins Aerospace

Scott Page

Business Unit Director


Simon Lee

Principal Researcher

Denbridge Marine

Kirsten McMilan

DataSEA (Science, Engineering & Analytics) 

Dog's Trust 

Colin Rebbettes


Draken Aero

Jordi Barr

Signal Processing and Fusion Technical Leader 


Todd Robinson

 Principal Data Scientist


Alasdair Hunter



Ronni Bowman

Senior Principal Statistician


Duncan Williams



Tom L.


UK Gov

Robert Allison

Specialist Statistician

UK Gov

Joseph Brindley

Research and Development


Tim Acland

Chrief Technology Officer


Ed Pyzer-Knapp

Research Lead, Machine Learning and AI 


David Greig

Lead System Engineer


Gareth Rees

Algorithm R&D expert


Matt Long

Deputy Director, OIC, MSHT, Commodity and Borders, Threat Leadership Command


Paul Waller

Head of Capability Research


Dan Reisel

Women's Health Researcher

Newson Health 

Ian Williams

Lead Technologist

NSG Pilkington

Dy Syvain Manso 

Research Engineer

Nova Systems

Richard Lane

Principle Scientist


Dr Grant McClean

Chief Technology Officer

Raytheon Technologies

Xiaoyun Yang


Remark AI

David Hill

Chief Technology Officer


Nigel Browning

Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineer

Sivananthan Laboratories

Robert Taylor

Group Leader ASW Sonar & Algorithms

Thales UK

Arthur Breitman



Stuart Riches

Director of Intelligent Sonar

Ultra Electronics

Mark Newman

R&D Director


Joanne O’Keeffe

 Microbiology Science & Technology


Louise Connell/Amanda Lane 

Sustainable Packaging Lead Materials Scientist


Prof Chris Reed

Centre for Argument Technology (ARG-tech)

University of Dundee

Gordon Cain

Managing Director



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