David Grieg

Technical Specialist

“The development of advanced detection algorithms is very important to industry, because they are used to develop new sensor technologies. I have been working with the Signal Processing Research Group (SPG) for a few years now and a lot of the research there is based on Simon Maskell, Jason Ralph’s background in aerospace engineering, which is rare in a research capacity.  We have an element of trust with the researchers in the SPG and can leverage new ideas. Working with the CDT is a good way to generate new ideas and develop skills within our company.  Having worked together on long-term projects with the SPG, we normally end up recruiting most of the people we sponsor.  We think working alongside the CDT is essential, since it maintains a cycle of new and original innovation for UK industry – we both benefit from the skills, training and research that the students undertake”.   

Andy Peace

Technical Manager

“Our business provides aerodynamic solutions, in particular wind-tunnel and CFD generated data.  The future means we must do things differently as our data from these sources are increasing more and more. We have a big data problem in supplying data from separate sources and then moving towards model-based design paradigms.  We want aerodynamic data models that fuse the data sets together. In order to achieve robust designs, we need to move from a deterministic world to a non-deterministic one which incorporates uncertainty into our work. We hope to achieve this by working with the CDT community to look for new ways to continue our research into these areas.”  

Nigel Browning

Director for Research Strategy

“I have worked with Simon & Jason in some capacity on mutual projects since 2017, even though I am based in Chicago!  Our company background involves developing new imaging methodologies for sensors and microscopes.  While our electron microscopes generate large quantities of data and there are lots of ways to test applications for sensor optimization and data reduction, we need a community of people interested in this research to push the applications forward.   The CDT fits this requirement perfectly.  We have the data, and the CDT students have the time and dedication to develop new acquisition modes and analytics, backed up by university academics and our own in-house expertise.”