Making a difference

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Distributed Algorithms is the place where PhD researchers, government, academia and industry come together to generate novel solutions to challenges that were once considered impossible.

In their own words, some of our PhD researchers explain the work they’re doing and why it’s important, what problem it solves. Including ensuring the safety of space satellites, helping with the search to find MH370, and predicting precision manufacturing failures, we’re working hard to solve real world problems using data science, machine learning, and AI.

In this video, Professor Simon Maskell, Dr Stefania Soldini and Dr Kai Hoettges explain how their space engineering research is creating pioneering solutions for a better world. Working with the UK, US and Australian governments, our engineering experts are applying data science to solve complex challenges in space, such as how to prevent satellites from being hit by the debris that is currently orbiting planet Earth.


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