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An Innovative Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Research Centre

PhD students, academics and industrialists working together to generate novel solutions to tough data science challenges.

About the CDT

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral training in Distributed Algorithms (CDT) in collaboration with STFC Hartree, IBM Research, The Alan Turing Institute, and 20+ project partners will train 60 PhD students who will possess the expertise to meet the world's pressing need for highly-trained data scientists.

The Vision

Our vision is that our graduates will become future leaders in Distributed Algorithms meeting the needs of government, academia and industry.

The Mission

To achieve the vision, each PhD student works with a team of academic and project partner supervisors to ensure the research is novel and useful.

Driven by the needs of our industrial and governmental partners, the CDT PhD's explore challenges of: the defence and security sector to better protect the world's population from threats posed by, for example, organised crime; and the manufacturing sector by enhancing industrial organisations’ ability to develop and deliver high-performance products and services through the use of data-driven optimisation and high performance computing efficiency.

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CDT Director, Professor Simon Maskell says...

Our CDT provides PhD students with the theory and technical experiences that arm them with the understanding and tools needed to excel. 

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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Distributed Algorithms

Future leaders in Distributed Algorithms

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