Photo of Dr Ian Sandall

Dr Ian Sandall MPhys, PhD

Senior Lecturer Electrical Engineering and Electronics


    Personal Statement

    Ian has a degree in Physics from Cardiff University where he also studied for his PhD in Quantum Dot Lasers. After his PhD he spent 18 months working as a Marie Curie Researcher at Philips Research in the Netherlands, where he worked on the development of Ultraviolet LEDs and Lasers and their integration into medical and healthcare products.

    In 2010 he moved to the department of electronic and electrical engineering at the University of Sheffield, where he worked on the design, fabrication and testing of infrared photodetectors. He investigated the potential to utilize these detectors in a range of applications including; defence, astronomical observation and healthcare.

    Since January 2016 he has been a lecturer at the University of Liverpool researching photonic biosensors and integrated semiconductor lab-on-a-chip systems for use in medical diagnostics and point of care applications.