Photo of Dr Daniel Colquitt

Dr Daniel Colquitt PhD, MMATH (Hons)

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics Mathematical Sciences


Personal Statement

I am a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and a member of the Waves and Solid Mechanics group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool. I both teach and carry out research in Applied Mathematics. I like to say that I am a very applied mathematician, which essentially means that I look at physical problems from the point of view of mathematics. I use and develop new mathematical techniques for the study of wave propagation, localisation and fracture in complicated materials. Although I primarily work with mechanical waves, I also have an interest in electromagnetic and acoustic waves, as well as fluid mechanics.

You can read more about the things I do on my personal website.

Administrative Roles

  • Chair of the Board of Studies in Mathematical Sciences
  • Programme Director for G108
  • NSS Coordinator

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