Photo of Professor Yaochun Shen

Professor Yaochun Shen PhD

Professor Electrical Engineering and Electronics


Personal Statement

Professor Shen received his PhD degree from Nanjing University in 1992. After that he held various positions at Southeast University, Heriot-Watt University, Heidelberg University and Cambridge University. He joined the University of Liverpool as a Senior Lecturer in 2007 and became a full Professor in 2016. 
Professor Shen has been working on terahertz-related technology for many years, first as a Research Associate (2001-2004) at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, and then as a Senior Scientist (2004-2007) at TeraView Limited, Cambridge. One of the distinct features of terahertz imaging is its capability of imaging not only the surface features but also the internal structures of a sample (similar to ultrasound imaging but with much greater imaging sensitivity and resolution). Some of the application highlights I have developed include the mapping and identification of explosives; off-line inspection of pharmaceutical coatings; non-destructive evaluation of automobile car paints (digital painter meter); terahertz in-line sensor for real time intelligent process monitoring and control. The influence of my work can also be seen in my excellent publication metrics: h-index 48 and over 7600 citations (Google Scholar), 5 book chapters, 7 patents, over 200 conference & journal publications, and many invited talks.
The researches of Professor Shen's group focus at the development of novel three-dimensional (3D) imaging technologies (terahertz imaging and optical coherence tomography) for practical real world applications (healthcare medical imaging; intelligent sensors for offline quality inspection and online process monitoring etc.). If you are interested in joining us to work on our research topics, or with your own idea, please email me ( or contact me (mobile: 07954391635; WeChat: ycshen888) directly to discuss opportunities around.