Residential Adviser Support

Out of hours contact for our students...

Throughout our halls of residence, we feel that looking after our students safety and well-being is a crucial part of a positive student experience.

To acheive this we employ teams of our postgraduate and mature students who live amongst the students in each hall of residence to provide support, guidance to our students and vital contact out of normal office hours.

Upon arrival to halls, our Residential Advisers make themselves known to all students and establish an approachable point of contact for enquiries made out of normal office hours i.e. in the evening or late at night.

The contact number for the Residential Adviser team can be found on the notice boards in all kitchens and lift lobbys along with our site services security and emergency contact numbers. This makes it easy for students to initiate contact and build a good relationship with their adviser. Please see our contacts links below for your duty Residential Adviser's mobile numbers.

Carnatic Student Village Contacts

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