Change your room

Change your room

We want our students to love their time in our accommodation from day one. However, we know that sometimes it may not all work out straight away. That's why we have a Room Move Waiting List available that is open from the moment you accept your accommodation offer from us.

It's really simple to add your name to the Room Move Waiting List. Simply log into the Liverpool Life portal and head to the Accommodation section. Whilst we try to accommodate everyone's requirements, it is not always possible to offer a room move. 

There, you'll see a section called 'Requests' - click on this and from there you'll be able to request your name to be added to the Room Move Waiting List.

Before joining the list, we recommend you decide what is most important for you from your accommodation. Is it a specific hall or room type you're interested in? The more flexible you can be the more likely we may have an option to move you to. You will have the option to give more detail on your requirements in the comments box before you submit. The more information you give us, the more we will be able to help you.

Submitting a room move request prior to arrival

If you have received your accommodation offer but it is not what you were expecting, then you are welcome to submit a room move request. To submit your request, you are required to accept the offer. By accepting, this does mean that you have agreed to our terms and conditions and are liable for the accommodation fees following the seven day cooling off period. 

Before the arrival date, we priotise room moves in the following order:

1. Medical requirements and adjustments (you will need to provide evidence)

2. Financial reasons

3. All other reasons (by date submitted)

When submitting your room move request, please provide as much detail as you can about what your requirements are. Some halls and room types are very popular and we may offer you a similar room or hall based on the information you provide. 

Once you have been added to the list, the Accommodation Team will contact you to discuss your requirements. Please make sure that your mobile number is up to date so we can contact you easily. Please ensure you respond in a timely manner as we will offer the room to another student if we do not hear back from you quickly. 

Submitting a room move request once you have arrived

If you decide you would like to move hall or room, we can assist dependent on availability. Submit your request and a member of the Accomodation Team will be in touch with you. We prioritise medicial requirements, and all other requests in date order and room availability. 

Provide as much information as possible regarding your requirements as we will use this to offer you a suitable alternative. Whilst we will always try to allow you to view the room before moving, this is not always possible. 

Once we have suitable accommodation to match your needs, we'll then assist you with arranging a move date and let your new hall know to expect you. Please ensure you respond in a timely manner as we will offer the room to another student if we do not hear back from you quickly. Depending on the room location, it can take up to 28 days to make a room available for you. 

Please note that we are not able to offer rooms that a student is already under Licence for - if you are advised a room is empty in a certain location, you must have this confirmed by the Accommodation Team before requesting to move to it. 

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